Curriculum Overview

Three Hierarchs Academy offers a vigorous academic, spiritual, and social educational environment. With small class sizes and one-on-one attention, our dedicated teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. Each day begins with morning prayers followed by classes in math, science, English literature, music/Byzantine chant, art, Greek language and literature, religion, and physical education. At Three Hierarchs Academy we believe in a holistic approach to education by promoting extra-curricular and co-curricular activities that enhance the learning experience, promote athletic vigor, and emphasize leadership qualities, volunteering and a variety of activities that develop responsible citizenship. The program is designed to give students an understanding of true Orthodox ethos while promoting knowledge and experiences that will prepare them to be confident and critical 21st-century thinkers.


Our Kindergarten curriculum, inspired by the Reggio Emilia program, is designed to provide the necessary foundation for the spiritual, academic, and social development of each child. Through interactive discovery and engagement in a wide range of developmental activities, children build the foundation for a life-long love of learning. Students acquire language and vocabulary skills, make scientific, mathematical, and social discoveries, and develop their social and motor skills.

Reggio Emilia K-1: Reggio Emilia

This structure for our K-1 students allows children to be at the center of learning while exploring the world around them. Teachers work to create strong and capable children who begin to learn how to use critical thinking skills, cooperation, and even hypothesizing. Teachers create an environment where students explore their own interests and encourage learning through play based activities and hands-on experiences such as gardening and taking care of animals.

Grades 1-7 Elementary Level

Our Elementary school curriculum begins with a solid foundation by developing reading and writing skills through a vigorous phonics program. Students expand their vocabulary and language comprehension as they are introduced to a variety of literary genres from a selection of some of the great poets and prose writers of English literature. Virtues and values found in these great works are compared to those in Orthodox Christian literature. Classes in religion cover the history of the Orthodox Church from its foundations to the establishment of the Modern Greek State, while art, music and physical education courses address the character development and talents of students. Our teaching methods implement a variety of approaches – teacher-led instruction along with inquiry, problem, and project-based learning – for the instruction of math, science, and history. Such an approach peaks a child’s curiosity and makes learning fun and enjoyable while addressing the individual needs of each student.

Reading at Three Hierachs Academy:

Orthodox Books

All of our reading curriculum reflects the teachings of the Orthodox church, lives of saints, and the Holy Fathers. When reading novels, students are encouraged to compare these novels with Orthodox material. Students learn Orthodox prayers, hymns of the day, and learn comprehension and vocabulary skills by reading a variety of timeless books and Orthodox books and short stories.

All of our days follow the cycle of the Orthodox Church, from the Great Feasts to the daily lives of saints and Bible readings. Students learn that Orthodoxy is imbued in all aspects of their learning, for “Apart from Me (God), you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Step Up to Writing English Textbook/ Voyager Soporis Learning: Step Up to Writing

This is a comprehensive, research-based writing program of writing strategies that develop students’ abilities to create thoughtful, well-written compositions. This explicit and systematic approach to teaching writing is designed to provide clear strategies, methods, and supports for increased writing success in all content areas and for many writing genres. This series emphasizes lessons on informative, explanatory, opinion, and non-fiction writing. Step Up to Writing provides students with clear direction on what they need to do to write and revise confidently and efficiently and to reach proficient and advanced levels in their writing.

Saxon Math Textbook/ Sonlight Curriculum: Saxon

This program is extremely strong in areas of arithmetic computation and mathematical principles (distributive, commutative, etc.). Saxon Math takes an incremental (little by little) approach to math, introducing a new skill or principle each day, then reviewing these concepts and skills day after day for weeks. This approach helps build students' confidence in their ability to "do" math successfully.

God's Design Science Textbook: God's Design

The God's Design Science series is based on a biblical Christian worldview and reveals how science supports the biblical account of creation. This series presents God's amazing world through the study of atoms, molecules, matter, and ecosystems. This series includes textbooks on Life, Heaven/ Earth, Chemistry/ Ecology, and the Physical World.

My World Social Studies Textbook/ Savvas Learning Company: My World/Community Series

In these series, students will focus on how people in communities work together for the benefit of all and will learn about the various ways individuals contribute to their communities. This series emphasizes good citizenship, economics, sequential historical topics, and geography skills. Students will explore maps, photographs, illustrations, music, and other resources to support learning about the world around them.