Why Our Academy

Faced with the great variety of educational institutions and approaches available today, conscientious parents are left asking a simple question: "Which school is best for our children?" In response, we offer our program which is grounded in the pedagogical ideals of the Three Hierarchs and therefore aims at the formation of the whole child: soul, mind, and body.

This holistic approach to education inherited from the Greek philosophers and enriched by the Three Hierarchs helps children find their place in modern society as Orthodox Christians, for "what is done according to one's nature is successful, but what is done against it, fails…” (St. Gregory the Theologian).

Our School:

  • • aims to offer a partial Greek Immersion Program in which students become fluent in Modern Greek while acquiring a reading knowledge of ancient Greek;
  • • offers a rigorous program in mathematics (abacus, mental arithmetic, comprehensive algebra, Euclidean geometry, and trigonometry), science, history and renowned literary works, both ancient and modern;
  • • focuses on critical thinking skills, such as analysis, clear communication, creativity, flexibility, and problem-solving;
  • • offers a unique opportunity for students to learn Byzantine chant and explore their artistic and musical talents;
  • • encourages athletic competence and teamwork;
  • • cultivates an environment that makes learning enjoyable by challenging young minds and engaging students in the learning process;
  • • offers a low student-to-teacher ratio and more personalized attention;
  • • and cultivates strong teacher-student and teacher-parent relationships that help support this unique learning environment.


We encourage you to visit the Academy and meet our staff!

Partial Greek Immersion Program

Three Hierarchs Academy will offer a Greek immersion program in which students become fluent in Modern Greek while acquiring a reading knowledge of ancient Greek. This is a living language, the language of the Bible and Patristic tradition, and of the famous Greek poets (Homer), philosophers (Plato), historians (Herodotos), and tragedians (Euripides) whose writings were used extensively by the Church Fathers for pedagogical paradigms. Knowledge of ancient Greek, therefore, affords a unique opportunity to experience both the influential works of these great scholars that helped shape Western thought and also Christian Orthodox worship and tradition.

Our graduates will be able to:

  • • read the works of Homer and our patron saints in the original and recite lines from the Iliad and Odyssey, as did the Three Hierarchs;
  • • follow church services in Greek and chant the sacred hymns once chanted in the cathedral of Hagia Sophia, the symbol of the Byzantine Empire;
  • • acquire greater proficiency in English language writing skills;
  • • enhance their critical thinking skills and communicate their thoughts more clearly and effectively;
  • • profit from the cognitive benefits of learning a second language;


Our goal is to implement a partial Greek immersion program in the next few years with English and Modern Greek as the languages of instruction for selected subjects. To reach this goal, we are implementing this program in incremental steps with a gradual increase of Greek language exposure from year to year. For more details about this program, contact info@3hacademy.org.

Academy Non-Discrimination Statement

The Three Hierarchs Academy is qualified to participate in the State of Arizona's programs for financial assistance for private schools and, therefore, adheres to the regulations set forth by the state to be eligible for these programs. See ARS 15-891.

About Three Hierarchs

The Three Holy Fathers, Great Hierarchs and Ecumenical Teachers, St. Basil the Great, St. Gregory the Theologian and St. John Chrysostom are seen as the greatest of the Church Fathers whose teachings shaped Orthodox Theology. To honor their supreme contribution to education, their unshakable and zealous faith in God and their incomparable pastoral and charitable activities, the common feast of the three great Saints was established by the Church in the 11th Century. Since then, it has been common for the feast of the Three Hierarchs to be associated with education and officially recognized as the greatest feast for Greek schools.

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